Frank Pavone

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Latest Developments

In December of 2022, the Vatican announced that it was dismissing Frank from the priesthood. The documentation below provides an in-depth explanation of this development.

May 1, 2023: Prolife Primetime: Update on my dismissal from Priesthood [Read the Q&A Here]

January 16, 2023: For those asking about when Pro-Life Leader Frank Pavone was notified about his dismissal from the priesthood.

January 16, 2023: Resolution of the Priests for Life Board and the National Pro-Life Religious Council Board supporting Frank Pavone's leadership.

January 10, 2023: (video) Cardinal Muller Comments on Father Frank’s Laicization John-Henry Westen, Life Site News

January 6, 2023: The Reason Behind Father Frank’s Laicization - Bradley Mattes, Life Issues Institute

December 31, 2022: Fr. Pavone and “The Spirit of Vatican I” by - Rev. Peter M.J. Stravinskas

December 27, 2022: Bishop Zurek’s “Never” and “Now”

December 27, 2022: The Family of Terri Schiavo Stands with Frank Pavone

December 26, 2022: Priests for Life Leader Frank Pavone: “Accompany Me”

December 24, 2022: A Christmas Eve Message of Hope from Frank Pavone, Pro-Life Leader

December 23, 2022: Viganò’s Declaration on the Canonical Sanctions Imposed on Frank A. Pavone

December 21, 2022: Sr. Dede Byrne: Fr. Pavone’s laicization is a ‘travesty’

December 22, 2022: Fr. Pavone has inspired me to speak about my journey to being a happy pro-life Catholic

December 19, 2022: Press Release: Frank Pavone: Full Speed Ahead - I will not be silenced or canceled

December 18, 2022: Frank Pavone's first written response

December 17, 2022: Video: Frank Pavone's initial comments